Birding - Game Drives - Hiking - Mountain Biking


Bezhoek Nature Reserve offers a number of marked trails and routes from between 6 to 120 kilometres, varying in terrain and technicality, that cater for hikers, bikers and birders – young and old, from beginners to experienced.

For those seeking a challenge, the reserve offers trails varying between 20km and 60km over mostly rocky terrain, with views and scenery that are worth every pedal stroke. For the recreational rider, there is jeep track throughout the reserve, allowing a casual early morning or late afternoon cycle amongst the giraffes and zebras


The game drives and trails take you through the most pristine areas along river courses over the cliffs with natural crystal clear streams, exquisite rock formations and abundant wildlife and offer the most beautiful views of the Olifants River valley. With such extensive heritage and abundant natural wonders within the reserve, there is no shortage of sights, sounds and sensory delights for guests to experience.



With over 300 confirmed bird species on the Bezuidenhoutshoek Farm, this is a must visit destination for serious and recreational birders alike. Iconic bird species including African Finfoot, Verreaux’s Eagle, White-bellied Korhaan and Southern Bald Ibis as well as the better represented groups including Kingfishers, Goshawks, Swallows, Nightjars and Owls can be spotted in this diverse avian wonderland. Bird counts are conducted in summer and winter every year and the bird list updated on an ongoing basis.