Bezhoek Activities



Bezhoek offers a number of marked hiking trails that cater for young and old from beginners to difficult and extreme. From 6km to 120km are available with accommodation.

Our trails take hikers through the most pristine areas along river courses over the cliffs with natural crystal clear streams, exquisite rock formations and  abundant wildlife  and offer the most beautiful views of the Olifants River valley.. ..

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With 290 confirmed bird species on Bezuidenhoutshoek this is a must-visit destination for any serious or recreational birder. We conduct bird counts in summer and winter every year which means our bird list is updated on an ongoing basis.


Trail Running and Mountain Biking

Our trail builder has put together running and cycling trails of various distances and difficulty levels. We can offer guided trail outings by prior arrangement but all trails are marked for you to enjoy them on your own.

We have hosted various groups for club weekends and offer anything from self catered to fully catered and serviced options.

Game Drives

Bezhoek offers morning, afternoon and evening game drives to all its guests. Special arrangements are made for guests with limited mobility.


Corporate and Team Building

Bezhoek offers a number of indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate corporate clients for executive break-aways and team buildings.

Whether it is a day or a weekend event Bezhoek will provide you with everything you need to make the experience memorable.

We cater for different group sizes and will provide you with a detailed quote once we understand your specific requirements. Contact for more information.

Event: The Bezhoek Extreme

This annual event offers mountain bikers a challenge second to none.

Hard? Yes! Rewarding? Most Definitely!
The Bezhoek Extreme 2020 will once again offer mountain bikers one of the most challenging but most rewarding rides of their lives.
The Bezhoek Extreme will test your skills in every aspect of mountain biking. You will require strength, endurance and the technical skills to navigate your way through various types of terrain. The single track is technical but fast, the climbs are brutal and the descents are steep. It is beautiful and it is amazingly rewarding. The Bezhoek Extreme is a benchmark. Enter now for the ride of your life.