Bezhoek Nature Reserve makes for an incredible birding experience. Rich woodlands, rolling grasslands, riverine gorges and a variety of wetland habitats make for a Birders paradise. A total of 300 confirmed bird species is testimony to the ideal habitat that Bezhoek provides.

Iconic bird species including African Finfoot, Verreaux’s Eagle, White-bellied Korhaan and Southern Bald Ibis  as well as the better represented groups including Kingfishers, Goshawks, Swallows, Nightjars and Owls can be spotted in this diverse avian wonderland.

Birding connoisseurs will enjoy the challenge of a variety of highveld cisticolas, larks and pipits, whilst raptophiles will enjoy the diverse array of accipiters, falcons and eagles which may be encountered. Recent additions to the reserve list include Red-chested Flufftail, Black-bellied Bustard and Black Saw-wing.  A weekend trip to the reserve can easily produce 100 species whilst advanced birders can aim for 150.

We are honoured to have Etienne Marais, who leads birding tours across Southern and East Africa, present birding weekends at Bezhoek Nature Reserve. Be sure to visit the events page to find out more.