Heritage at Bezhoek

An intensive heritage survey revealed several historical structures, initiation sites and graves. Even the natural heritage (the Cycad declared as a National Heritage Site) has deep cultural significance.

Historical buildings older than 60 years and archaeological structures, features, deposits and artefacts older than 100 years are protected by the National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA)(Act no. 25 of 1999). Human burials older than 60 years are also protected by the Act as well as the Human Tissue Act (Act no. 65 of 1983 as amended) 

Bezhoek Heritage visits are open to special interest groups and by prior arrangement only.


Preliminary indications are that several large stone walled Iron Age settlements (AD 1600 – 1830) occur on the farm Bezuidenhoutshoek. These archaeological remains must still be investigated and can make an important contribution in terms of the regional understanding of Ndebele and Sotho occupation during the 18th and 19th centuries. As such, from an academic perspective, these sites have great research potential. Furthermore, these sites also have great intrinsic tourism value.


The oldest recorded land survey of Bezhoek dates back to 1915 but it wasn’t until 1968 that the Rock Art has been recorded.

The site has several panels with animals, birds and a human figure. A recent site visit has confirmed that these panels are still in good condition and that there are additional panels in the area.

The rock art site is not accessible to the general public. For more information please contact info@bezhoek.co.za