Kudu, Eland, Giraffe, Impala, Blesbuck, Bushbuck, Springbok, Wildebeest, Ostrich, Red Hartebeest, Klipspringer, Waterbuck, Oribi, Leopard, Hyena, Aardwolf, Bushpig, Honey Badger and Serval are some of the game which roam freely on 5000 hectares.

The African Finfoot, Southern Bald Ibis, Denhams Bustard, Crowned Eagle, Vereaux’s Eagle are present in the 300 confirmed bird sightings.

Also special is the giant bull frog and sightings of the African python.

It is the owners mission to preserve, protect and improve the bio diversity of this piece of paradise which is home to many endangered and vulnerable species by eradicating all invasive and alien vegetation which compromise the reserve.


Leopard sightings are not common but we do catch them regularly on our trail cameras and see them every now and again.

Giraffe, together with big herds of wildebeest, eland and many other large and small antelope and zebra provide for the most amazing sightings on our mini Serengeti. Over 1000 head of game roam the reserve which makes every game drive a special occasion.

Let us not forget the warthog, hyena, aardwolf and porcupine which are always nice to see.

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The birdlife at Bezhoek makes for an incredible birding experience. A total of 300 confirmed bird species is testimony to the ideal habitat that Bezhoek provides.We are honoured to have Etienne Marais present birding weekends at Bezhoek. Etienne leads birding tours across Southern and East Africa and we always look forward to having him at Bezhoek.

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